Large Price Tags for Eagles' Quarterbacks

Donovan McNabb Kevin Kolb Michael Vick Eagles Sideline

Until now, we’ve gotten few reports about what the Eagles are looking for in return for their quarterbacks.

Jason La Canfora on the NFL Network talked to some teams who have at least called the Eagles about their QBs, and got a rough estimate of what they think it would take to pry away each player:

  • Michael Vick — Still a second round pick according to these teams. Again, that’s ridiculously high. The Eagles will have to come down from that bargaining position to get a deal done, but maybe their hoping by asking for a 2, they can get a 3.
  • Donovan McNabb — La Canfora says it would take “at least a first round pick to start any real cogent discussions.” This makes a lot of sense. It’s hard to imagine the Eagles getting much more than a 1st round pick for McNabb, but once one team is willing to go there you never know.
  • Kevin Kolb — Remarking on the Seattle rumors, La Canfora says the Eagles would want both of the Seahawks 1st round picks (#6 and #14): “that’s how serious they are about Kevin Kolb being part of their future.”

Very interesting stuff.