Seahawks Only Asking About Kevin Kolb?

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And the Seahawks sources strike back:

A source in Seattle has informed Comcast SportsNet that the Seahawks have contacted the Eagles about Kevin Kolb, contradicting a report that the team has asked about Donovan McNabb as well.

Asked about the possibility of acquiring McNabb, the Seattle source said it would leave the Seahawks in the same position they’re in with veteran Matt Hasselbeck – but wouldn’t elaborate further.

Interesting turn of events, so soon after the report that Pete Carroll really wanted either McNabb or Kolb. It’s not entirely surprising though. I’m sure there are a number of teams that would rather have Kolb than McNabb. He’s seen around the league, and presumably at the NovaCare Complex, as the next Matt Schaub or Aaron Rodgers — guys who have emerged as great quarterbacks after sitting behind veterans for a few years. His youth and upside are tremendously attractive.

Yet, more importantly, Kolb is seen as a better — or at least safer — alternative to drafting a quarterback high in the draft. Sam Bradford seems like a solid prospect and likely to go in the top 5, if not #1 overall to the St. Louis Rams. Jimmy Clausen’s stock is free falling. And none of the other quarterbacks look like immediate contributors in the mold of a Matt Sanchez, Joe Flacco, or Matt Ryan.

Every team looking for a young franchise quarterback they can build around has to be salivating at Kolb. But of course, you have to imagine Andy Reid feels the same way. McNabb may still be the present for the Eagles, but Kolb is undoubtably the future. He’s very valuable, and barring some sort of massive, unforeseen Herschel Walker/Ricky Williams trade, Kolb isn’t going anywhere.

Of course, maybe Pete Carroll has already been rebuffed in his attempts to get Kolb, and has been pushed by the Eagles front office toward McNabb. Emphasizing that aquiring McNabb has the same effect as keeping Matt Hasselbeck is a good bargaining argument. It’s ridiculous and false, with Hasselbeck a shell of his former self over the last two years, but still a good way to try to gain back a little bit of leverage after someone told Sal Pal how much the Seahawks were interested.