Report: Pete Carroll Gunning Hard for Eagles QBs

In an appearance on Mikey Miss on  97.5  yesterday, Sal Pal  dropped  a bomb  with perhaps the new frontrunner for Donovan McNabb’s services:

Paolantonio says that Seattle coach Pete Carroll wants to win right away, and in Carroll’s mind that includes getting McNabb or Kolb.  And Paolantonio says that he now firmly believes that McNabb will be traded by the Eagles at some point in the offseason.

This is clearly a huge development for the McNabb trade front. The Seahawks have apparently been calling “non-stop” about the two Eagles quarterbacks — the first really substantial interest we’ve heard about any team in the NFL.

I dismissed Seattle from the McNabb equation initially for three reasons. One, they clearly have time and the need to rebuild. Two, they have the ability to go grab a young QB high in the draft (sitting at 6 and 15 in the first round is a nice way to start turning around a franchise). And three, I figured Carroll, with all of his new college experience, would covet “recruiting” and mentoring his own signal-caller.

But while this all could still turn out to be moot, the ego factor on Carroll probably shouldn’t be downplayed. He’s a man who got total control of the Seahawks this offseason and has the ability to make whatever football decisions he wants. If he wants to make a play for a veteran signal-caller, there’s no one who’s going to stop him.

* * *

The other interesting nugget from Sal Pal’s radio appearance was his announcement that the market for Michael Vick has gone cold. This isn’t a total surprise considering the Eagles had to pick up Vick’s bonus. And it may just be a lull before we get closer to the draft. If the Eagles aren’t stuck on a super high asking price, I have to imagine there are teams who would be interested.