McNabb Endorses Vick's Call for Trade

McNabb and Vick

Per Brookover:

“I don’t know what particular team,” McNabb said. “I just hope [Michael Vick] has an opportunity to be a starter for another team. I think he definitely deserves that, and he has done a great job of getting himself together and preparing himself for this opportunity. And I think he is going to flourish in it.”

If Donovan really wanted to help the Eagles, he could do so by telling everyone he’d love to have Vick back in Midnight Green, that he loved playing with him, and describe how much he added to the Eagles offense. All of that would reinforce the front office position that they don’t want to trade Vick.

Instead, Donovan jumped on Vick’s bandwagon, reiterating that Michael deserves a shot at starting for another team — and doing nothing to dispel notions that that’s the Eagles’ only choice.

Maybe these trade rumors are starting to end McNabb’s run as company man…