Vick to the Jags? Could Sell Some Tickets

Michael Vick at Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio stuck his foot in his mouth big time yesterday when asked if his current QB is Super Bowl-caliber:

Well that’s a, uh, good question. I think I would say a quarterback like David Garrard can be that with a great supporting cast.  You know, I don’t know.  When you look at teams that have won multiple championships, I think they’ve had elite quarterbacks. Peyton Manning type guys, Joe Montana type guys.  The elite quarterback?  He’s not that.

Obviously Del Rio’s telling the brutal truth about Garrard — he’s not great. But you would think he’d be more diplomatic.

This is really just a convenient way to transition to rumors. Jacksonville, with its woeful attendance rate, is in the market for some kind of game changer — such as messiah Tim Tebow. But Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick could work just as well.

Donovan might be the better fit for a team that’s not terrible, but Vick just makes too much sense here. He’s quite simply the cheapest excitement you can buy in the NFL this offseason. Bring him to Jacksonville and media attention will be everywhere, enthusiasm will be everywhere.

I’ll break down further why Jacksonville is a likely destination for Vick in a new post soon detailing the team scenario which would cause a team to look at him.