Charting the Eagles 2011 Playoff Odds

For the Eagles to win the division and make the playoffs, they need to win out against the Cowboys and Redskins, and hope the Giants lose this week and beat the Cowboys next week.

That’s still an unlikely string of outcomes, but it’s much better playoff chances than the Eagles have had in weeks. Football Outsiders head honcho Aaron Schatz was gracious enough to provide archives of their week-to-week playoff odds, and I’ve compiled the Eagles numbers here:

Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Playoff Odds Graph

You can follow along the Eagles ups and downs, from the heights of perceived Super Bowl glory (18 percent chance of winning it all after week one) to the brief resurgence following week eight, to getting eliminated from wild card consideration completely.

Amazingly, the current 15 percent chance is the highest they’ve had in seven weeks. Still a long shot, but it at least makes this weekend interesting — a fan luxury we wouldn’t have if any of the other NFC East teams were any good.