Choices at Safety

Tommy Lawlor:

We’d all love the Eagles to go find Dawk, Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, or someone like that, but these are rare talents. You simply can’t hold the Eagles (or any team) to that standard. Can the Eagles upgrade on the current set of Safeties? That’s certainly possible, but I think the player would have to be special.

It’s obviously a false dichotomy to say that the Eagles only choices are essentially to stick with what they have or bring in a “special player.” That kind of attitude also suggests that the Eagles should have stayed with Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown as starting wide receivers, and that drafting someone like Earl Thomas wasn’t possible.

I still hold out hope for Nate Allen to rebound in 2012 and perhaps Jaiquawn Jarrett will show his talent, but Kurt Coleman is at best a good backup safety and none of the three have consistently demonstrated above-average play. What’s wrong with signing a non-Jarrad Page veteran and making the youngsters actually earn one or both starting jobs next year?