Are the "Moons lining up" for a McNabb trade?

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Paul Domovitch kicks off the NFL Scouting Combine with this great piece on why the Eagles are in a good position as all the coaches, scouts, and general managers descend on Indianapolis:

Any general manager who tries to tell you he can’t wait to go to war next season with Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buffalo) or Keith Null (St. Louis) or Brady Quinn (Cleveland) or Alex Smith (San Francisco) or JaMarcus Russell (Oakland) or Matt Moore (Carolina) as his starting quarterback is either lying or dumb as a post.

Few of the league’s many quarterback-needy teams are going to have their SOS answered in the draft. Heading into the combine, just two QBs - Sam Bradford, of Oklahoma, and Jimmy Clausen, of Notre Dame - are considered first-round worthy. And both have issues that could affect their draft stock.

It’s a point that’s been made many times, but Domo sums it up as well as anyone. Success in the NFL is predicated on a number of factors, with quarterback play high on the list. So many teams are unsettled at the position that the Eagles having multiple options is fabulous leverage.

This position didn’t come by accident. I’m convinced Andy Reid and others in the front office knew exactly what they were setting themselves up for when they went out on a limb and signed Michael Vick.

Domo also gets a great quote from an NFL person who has “worked with Reid” (and has a fiery, no-bullshit tone that is the exact opposite of Andy’s):

“The timing’s perfect. The moons are lining up to do it. His contract [he has 1 year left on his current deal]. The demand out there for him. It all depends on what they think of Kolb, and every indication I’ve gotten is that Andy loves the [bleep] out of the kid. If they’re convinced he’s ready, you pull the trigger.

“Really, what are they going to do? Try and squeeze 1 more year out of him and then trade him? His trade value never is going to be higher than it is right now, particularly given the [quarterback] market. And if Kolb is legit, sitting on the bench another year isn’t going to make him any more ready.”

Haha, “Andy loves the [bleep] out of the kid.” Just a guess, but I’m thinking the source is John Harbaugh. Any other ideas?

Whoever it is, I agree completely: “The moons [multiple, of course] are lining up to do it.” Considering McNabb’s age, contract, and the stated atrocious quarterback market, even if he has another solid year, Donovan’s value is only going down from this point.

If Andy wants to set the team up best for the long term, he should probably trade McNabb now. If he’s still committed to McNabb personally and thinks they can make one more run, then maybe he won’t just yet. But that decision would probably not be maximizing the value of the loaded QB position the team has now.

Regardless, look forward to a fun week from the NFL combine. Be very scared: Hot Stove Cometh.