Westbrook's Release Clears the Way for a McNabb Trade?

Brian Westbrook Donovan McNabb Cut

The idea that the release of Brian Westbrook yesterday makes it easier for the Eagles to trade McNabb is one that has made its way around the internet. Westbrook even made the point on 97.5 this morning.

In an abstract sense I suppose this is the case since general turnover always makes the oldest (and highest-paid) guys less likely to remain. After all, if you’re moving on at running back, why not change quarterbacks as well?

But ultimately I think both decisions are separate football ones.

Westbrook wasn’t even offered a restructured deal to keep him here for less money. He was cut because the organization deemed him not a good enough player anymore. With his knee problems and concussions, Westbrook has suffered a rapid decline in a year. Hopefully he still has some good seasons left in him, but they won’t be with the Eagles — if they come at all.

The decision on McNabb is going to be made based on football reasons as well; the Eagles haven’t instituted some kind of widespread clearing out of veterans. If they get a good enough offer and think Kolb is ready to step in, then they might make a deal. But no one considers McNabb to be as far down the opposite side of his career as Westbrook (ah RB, the youngsters’ position).

Let’s not get carried away with implications.