Eagles Looking at Free Agent QBs?

Eagles Free Agent Quarterback Choices Koy Detmer

Most of the NFL chatter has the Eagles sending quarterbacks away. Michael Vick should be out the door (sooner rather than later), and Donovan McNabb may not be far behind.

But if either or both of these QBs are traded, the team’s depth at the position instantly takes a hit. Suddenly the Eagles will be in the market for a quarterback — especially if Kevin Kolb is named the starter, meaning the Eagles need a capable veteran back up.

While Koy Detmer probably won’t be coming out of retirement, here are a couple replacements.

Most likely:

  • A.J. Feeley — You get the feeling Feeley wouldn’t mind starting somewhere else. He signed with Carolina during last season thinking that might be a possibility. But is he likely to have it better some place other than Philly? I doubt it.
  • Jeff Garcia — Another guy who knows Andy Reid, Philadelphia, and the system. Brought in last year to back up Kolb, he definitely could be an option this offseason if McNabb is jettisoned.

Interesting other options, if the previous reliable ones aren’t available:

  • Jason Campbell — Campbell’s a guy who all of us Eagles fans hate, because as bad as the Redskins tend to be, he always gives the Philly defense fits. There’s a good chance he’ll get tendered for a year by Washington while Shanahan grooms a new QB. But if Campbell gets cuts loose , and doesn’t see a bright path to a starting job elsewhere, I could see Andy, Donovan McNabb’s mentor, being an attractive career-reviver.
  • Tavaris Jackson — Ought to get tendered. If he doesn’t, could be attractive in Philly since he knows the system.
  • Chad Pennington — Will probably get a job starting for another year somewhere ahead of a young draft pick (STL ?). And if he can’t get that why not go back to Parcells in Miami? Mostly just a safe pick if the Eagles can’t grab an obvious choice.

Random fliers:

  • Patrick Ramsey — Career backup. Not a fabulous option.
  • Dante Culpepper — It would be pretty funny if the Eagles sent McNabb away and brought in his (much less successful) draft peer. Yay, long ball.
  • Rex Grossman — Who knows.

Did I miss anyone? Going to put up another post soon on quarterback draft prospects the Eagles might look at this year. Check back for that one.