Quarterback Trade for DL Help?

Julius Peppers Face

There have been two separate NFL reporters/commentators who have proposed possible trades involving Eagles quarterbacks — not for draft picks, but for veteran defensive linemen.

The first comes from National Football Post’s Michael Lombardi:

What if the Browns offered Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers for Kolb?

Rogers would be a gap closer on the field. He would give the Eagles a dominating inside player, something they don’t currently have on their roster and someone who can match up with the Cowboys’ size along their offensive line. Rogers is signed to a long-term deal, he’s kept his weight down and he was a model citizen in Cleveland last season — all of which would be appealing to the Eagles. Kolb gives the Browns a future quarterback, something Holmgren knows he needs, without having to part with a draft pick. This trade might be a win/win for both teams.

A few weeks from turning 31, Rogers is coming off a down year in which he was placed on injured reserve for a broken leg. He’s worth even less than he was two years ago, when at 28 he was traded to Cleveland for a 3rd round pick and average cornerback Leigh Bodden.

So in order for this trade to work, the Eagles would have to think Kolb was worth much less than that deal. It’s strange that Lombardi would consider this proposal just one step down from the Brown’s 1st round draft pick — since Rogers is obviously worth at most a 3rd round pick.

If the Eagles are even willing to trade Kolb, there’s no way it’s for less than what Atlanta got for Matt Schaub a few years back: two 2nd round picks. This is a silly proposal.

The second trade idea, in response to a question, comes from ESPN blogger Pat Yasinskas:

If the Panthers tag Peppers and the Eagles made McNabb available in a trade, I think that’s something the Panthers would have to consider.

Yasinskas doesn’t say this is a perfect trade (as Lombardi does annoyingly), only mentions it as a possibility. But while I like Peppers a lot more than Rogers, this won’t happen either.

Think about it. Peppers does not want to be franchise tagged again. He wants a long-term deal, and will get one on the street. Assuming he gets to free agency, the Eagles will have to decide if they want to enter a bid.

What they won’t do is trade McNabb away just for the right to pay Peppers big bucks. That’s just wasteful.

Could Kolb/McNabb be traded to Cleveland/Carolina? It’s possible. Could they be traded for veteran players instead of or in addition to draft picks? Maybe. But these two specific proposals just don’t make sense.