Vick Admits He Slacked Off in Atlanta

Michael Vick as Falcon Touchdown

Michael Vick is talking again, this time about his days in Atlanta. He told an Atlanta radio station that he slacked off for the Falcons:

“There was a lot more I could have done off the field and in the film room that could have elevated my game to a different level,” Vick said. “I was complacent at the time, somewhat lazy, and I settled for mediocrity. I thought what I was doing was enough.”

“I want to play my best football up until the age of 34 and 35, and I’m going to put everything into it,” said Vick.  “Just imagine what I could have been doing if I really would have been applying myself. That’s a regret I have.”

I don’t doubt the truth of this. It’s a shocking announcement from a player who made tens of millions of dollars from the Falcons. And the evidence backs it up. Vick’s athletic ability has always far outstripped his work ethic or dedication to becoming a great player. But I do doubt the motivation behind his words.

Clearly part of rehabilitating his image in Philly was the idea that Vick suddenly had Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb showing him what a good quarterback does for his team — coming in early, staying later, studying film, etc. That’s part of the package Vick/Eagles front office is selling to potential trade partners.

Whether he’ll actually be better than he was in his twenties seems questionable though. He was simply never a very accurate or comfortable passer.

That’s why I think a team desperate for the excitement he would bring (JAC, OAK, etc.) is more likely to pursue Vick than a rebuilding team. Even though Vick is obviously trying to expand his market.

Update: (This may hurt my argument, but) Florio says something similar a day later.