In Other News: Vick Wants Out

Mike Vick Eagles

So apparently Michael Vick wants to be a starter next year. Who knew? When asked if he could accept coming back to the Eagles as a backup, he said:

“It would be a tough decision to make. I would really have to take a lot of things into consideration, the fact that I want to be a starter and the fact that I’m blessed just to be back playing football. If I had to [be a backup], I would. If another opportunity presented itself, then it would be even better.”

This goal has been obvious since last offseason. Interesting strategy to announce it publicly now though. This is pretty much a call to be traded or released. Doesn’t sound like Mike would be too happy sticking around.

Of course, when asked where he thinks he stands against other QBs in the league, said:

“I still feel like I’m among the top 10, to be honest. I’m confident in my skills.”

Was he ever among the top 10, even before going to jail?

Stick around and later on I’ll have a post on Vick’s possible scenarios for trades.