McNabb to San Fran?

McNabb TD against 49ers

If you’re the 49ers, would you call up the Eagles in March and check to see if you can pry loose Donovan McNabb for a 2010 second-round pick? No way I’d give up either of their No. 1s, but for a No. 2… Worth a thought, if Philly’s interested.

The Eagles have Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick, both free agents in a year (if they keep Vick). McNabb’s contract is also up after a year, so he’d need a large extension to go with any trade, which lessens his trade value dramatically.

Despite the strong talk from Philly that McNabb definitely will be the QB next season, I dunno about that. And by going after Kurt Warner last year, the 49ers have proven that they think they might be one big-time QB away from making some postseason noise. They might be right.

Tim Kawkami, San Jose Mercury News

Interesting comparison to 49ers’ pursuit of Warner. Otherwise just speculation.