Time to Pay Vick & DeSean

Would the Eagles be assuming some major risk with those moves? Absolutely. Jackson probably isn’t close to his listed 175 pounds in pads and has a history of concussions and neck injuries. Vick is a 30-year-old scrambling quarterback, takes a bunch of hits, and hasn’t shown that he can play at this level long term. Plus, he’s one off-the-field misstep away from permanent suspension by the NFL.

And yes, there are some major hangups regarding the current NFL collective bargaining agreement and how that affects giving out contract extensions. Much of the money would need to be guaranteed while other incentives and salary cap workarounds would need to be put into place.

But at this point, with these two transcendent stars, none of that matters. You have to get deals done to keep them in Philadelphia long term. Why? It comes down to one simple fact:

No other two players in the NFL could have won Sunday’s game…