Tough Loss: Breaking Down the Eagles Offense

*The Brent Celek motion-out-of-the-backfield play is going to be a big theme this season, isn’t it? But even before Celek’s supposed offensive pass interference, Kolb had two rushers in his face. How do you let two out of four rushers get to your quarterback?

*Then Kolb finally got some time to throw and forced one to Jackson that almost got picked off. Kolb wasn’t fabulous in this game, but (a) he only played a quarter and a half — during which time Aaron Rodgers wasn’t exactly lighting it up either, and (b) how do you expect a lot out of Kolb when he’s sacked on every third or fourth pass attempt?

*The Michael Vick quarterback draw play to pick up some field position yardage is something we didn’t see earlier. Although, if you keep running him up the gut, the Packers might see it coming later…