Hot Read: Egotism, Attitude, and a Safety Puzzle

There’s no easier character for the sports media to portray than the athlete megalomaniac. Perhaps it’s the public’s fault. We demand that our stars be humble and empower our media representatives to take them down a notch when necessary.

There’s no other way to explain the overblown reactions to stories like this and this. Fans love to hate, and the media is happy to oblige in blowing small quotes up into page view-chasing controversies.

Of course, what makes two overconfident remarks from quarterbacks proof of their egotism, and another quotation only a positive example of appropriate confidence is beyond me.

* * *

Relatedly, is it such a bad thing if this year’s Eagles team has an “us against the world” mentality?

Spygate didn’t work out so poorly for the loaded Patriots in 2008. Maybe channeling some anger and isolation back at the rest of the NFL is a good attitude to take. Everyone is going to be gunning for the Eagles anyway.

* * *

Safety is a really interesting spot these days for the Eagles defense. 

Nate Allen is supposed to be the unquestioned starter out there, but his knee isn’t 100 percent, so now he’s sharing snaps. Kurt Coleman has taken over as one of the more consistent and trusted youngsters on the defense, despite the team drafting his replacement. That rookie, Jaiquawn Jarrett, hasn’t shown the ability to contribute much right away. Meanwhile, Patriots castoff and cheap free agent pick up Jarrad Page is getting some first team reps. All while the fifth guy on the depth chart, Colt Anderson, was called out recently by Bobby April for his star special teams contributions.

Last year the Eagles started the season with only three safeties. Not sure what the answer is to that puzzle in 2011.