Big News: We're Moving to NBC Philadelphia

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I started this blog with a simple goal in mind, to chronicle the franchise-defining offseason, before it had really begun in earnest. Back in January there was little doubt in my mind that the time had finally come for the Eagles to make a definitive choice about the future of the team: McNabb or Kolb.

But over time I grew to enjoy the blogging itself. The posts kept coming, long after a few readers implored me (some jokingly and some not so) to change the name. I tried to look at events and trends and past performance from a different angle, and I hope that whatever small insight may have been achieved over here was worth a few minutes of your Eagles-blog-surfing lifestyle.

This background is not for a goodbye, but for a rebirth. Today I joined the esteemed company of Drew Magary (Deadspin columnist and KSK founder), Vai Sikahema (Former Eagle and NBC 10 Sports Director), Howard Eskin (WIP afternoon radio host), John Clark (NBC 10 Sports Anchor), and others at a new Eagles blog on

The new blog, Birds Nest, will soon be overflowing with new Eagles content. As for my own contribution, I will be bringing the same inclination toward statistical analysis and refreshing opinion over to NBC, perhaps with more frequent posts than I could accomplish here. You can see my new content starting today, with the first in a series of posts on the Eagles’ passing attack.

I have a number of people to thank, starting with the guys at Iggles Blog: Derek, Gabe, Sam, and now Tommy. They provided me not only with a fabulous model to look toward (multiple times a day), but also also advice, help, and camaraderie. Along with Jason at Bleeding Green Nation and Les Bowen at the Daily News’s Eagletarian, they also graciously furnished links from their popular sites to to this tiny corner of the net. I should also acknowledge John Ness at NBC who spotted this blog and offered me the opportunity to take it before a larger audience.

Thanks finally to you readers. As we get going, I hope many of you will check us out at Bird’s Nest and/or subscribe to our RSS feed. And while it may not be as intimate a location, I hope we can still engage in in discussion in the Birds Nest comments and, as always, by my Twitter and email.

Your humble blogger,

Brian Solomon