Get More McNabb or Kolb in the '11 Eagles Annual

Thank you for your continued support of McNabb or Kolb. Glad to see lots of Eagles fans enjoying the free agency bonanza and the start of training camp. It’s an exciting time.

No big new post today. Just wanted to alert you to more great Eagles content. The 2011 Eagles Annual from Maple Street Press is available for order online now and should be on bookshelves in the Philly area soon.

Yours truly penned a piece on the evolution of the passing game from Donovan McNabb through Kevin Kolb to Michael Vick, with a bunch of stats that I had wanted to use for a while. Check it out.

There’s a ton more content where that comes from. Having just received my copy in the mail yesterday, I can tell you it’s 112 pages of pure Eagles analysis, with no ads (kind of like this site). Besides myself, many of your other favorite bloggers lent a hand to the magazine.

Jason Brewer at Bleeding Green Nation was the issue editor. Jimmy Kempski at Blogging the Beast wrote articles about the NFC East competition, Andy Reid, and the Eagles sophomore class. Tommy Lawlor of Iggles Blitz contributed characteristically detailed pieces on the rookies, assistant coaches, and the historic 1991 Eagles squad. Sam Lynch, cap maven, broke down the principles that keep the Eagles on top. Gabe Bevilacqua, also known as everyone’s favorite Bounty Bowl, looked back at the Buddy Ryan days. And, certainly not least, Tom McAllister, who wrote Bury Me in My Jersey, reflected powerfully on the moral quandary of rooting for Michael Vick. Plus much more.

If you are as dedicated of an Eagles fan as I think you are, you’ll want to pick up a copy.