Kolb Watch: Free Agency 1st Day Open Thread!

Today may be the last day that Kevin Kolb, the blog’s final namesake, is still an Eagle.

*single tear*

I’ll try to update as the rumors start to fly. You can also follow my minute to minute updates on Twitter. Jump right into the comment open thread though!

10:26 am - Eagles agree to terms with UDFAs WR Perry Baker, WR DeAndre Brown, RB Graig Cooper, P Chas Henry, QB Jerrod Johnson, DT Ced Thornton, LB Brandon Peguese, WR Terrance Turner and TE Martell Webb (According to @Eagles).

Some of these names were already reported. Henry is new though, I remember him as a good, consistent punter while at Florida. Perhaps I should have downgraded Rocca’s chances to return…

11:42 am - Michael Vick talked to the media and mentioned that DeSean Jackson “has some personal decisions he has to make” before reporting to camp (Source). Could he be considering a holdout? I bet Banner is on the phone right now with DeSean’s agent, reassuring them that an extension is a top priority.

5:35 pm - Jonathan Tamari for the Inquirer says “The Eagles will not pursue any of their own free agents.” He doesn’t mention his source, but he sounds very confident. If this is true, it’s certainly surprising. I thought they’d bring back at least a couple of their own guys.

However, I can’t say I’m totally shocked. Looking at the list again, there are no players who are guys the Eagles “have to sign.” I only listed Bradley and Rocca as having a greater than 50 percent chance of returning, and both of those were a matter of convenience, rather than need. The Eagles should have little problem finding guys of equal talent on the open market.