This Isn't Going to End Well

Michael Vick Birthday Party Cake Shooting Quanis Phillips Philadelphia Eagles Dog Fighting

So apparently tomorrow is Michael Vick’s 30th birthday. And he had a party, promoted by his leg-stomping brother, at a club in Virginia Beach last night.

Oh, and someone got shot.

Well, not just someone — Quanis Phillips, one of Vick’s dog-fighting co-defendants:

The story goes that Quanis threatened to smash birthday cake in Vick’s face, or that he actually smashed the cake in Vick’s face.

Another version is that someone smashed cake in Quanis’ face — or threatened to smash it in his face.

Anyway, the confrontation moved outside — where I’m told there were several still cameras and video cameras.

Cooler heads did NOT prevail, and ‘Q’ was shot in the shopping center parking lot.

Of course, Vick’s lawyer says he wasn’t present when the shooting took place.

Still, oy vey.

Update: So, if you don’t remember all the details of the Bad Newz Kennels investigation and judicial proceedings, Phillips was one of three of Vick’s friends who accepted plea agreements — putting Vick in a “legal checkmate” that forced Vick to plead guilty as well. All of which is to say, these guys have history.

Update 2: When the Eagles signed Vick a year ago, owner Jeffery Lurie said:

The question I eventually had to ask is, ‘Going forward is Michael going to be a negative force in society the way he’s been? Is he going to be responsible for pain, suffering, disappointment, disloyalty, criminal behavior? Or is he going to have an opportunity and be able to be committed enough to take the bull by the horns and become a force for good?’

Seems like Vick may have just answered that question. Which of course leads us to:

If it becomes at all apparent that we are wrong, it won’t take very long to make that change.

See you around, Mike.