Hot Read: the Beast, Burress, and Cheap Owners

There’s a new blog in town. Friend of the blog Jimmy Kempski (known as JimmyK at Bleeding Green Nation), kicked off his new site “Blogging the Beast” yesterday and it looks great — he’s covering the NFC East better than ESPN.

Jimmy already has some nice posts up, including a breakdown of this Plaxico Burress nonsense, which I completely agree with. The original report on the New York Post doesn’t convince me of any sort of accuracy. There isn’t even an anonymous source quoted, just a reporter shooting the breeze: “I’ve heard that the Eagles will eventually be first in line.”

Taking on a talented but reformed criminal doesn’t strike me as out of the question for the Michael Vick-era Eagles. Burress has made Eli Manning look great so many times that I’m interested to see if the guy has anything left.

But we should also remember that it takes two to tango. Even if the Eagles are interested, they aren’t going to be the most desperate for help. Burress would have to take less money and know that he won’t have an immediate chance to start in Philly — something Vick was willing to do to rehabilitate his image. I’m not sure Plaxico, at age 34, has the time or patience to take that same route.

* * *

Good for Jeffrey Lurie and the Eagles for not cutting their coaches’ salaries immediately after the lockout started. I wonder how much money the rest of the owners are saving with this cheap move over these summer months, and how much less the coaches are really working.

This probably also hints at the catastrophe that could strike the all the coaches and other support staff if this lockout extends into the regular season. We’ll certainly see a lot of layoffs in that case.