Site News: Striking Up an Iggles Conversation

A few months ago, when Iggles Blog closed shop and Derek, Gabe, Sam, and Tommy went their separate ways, it was a sad day for Eagles fans. Those of us who constantly visited the site felt lost. We missed the constant analysis of the bloggers — but perhaps even more, we missed the community that had grown among the site’s readers and writers.

Suddenly, there was no go-to place for Eagles conversation. Twitter’s fun for instant exchange, but not for sustained, multi-person conversation. Bleeding Green Nation has a strong community, but in some ways too large. Tommy and Sam eventually started Iggles Blitz, so their voices came back online. But we were still missing that meeting house.

Last week, that conversation returned, at least briefly, in the comments here. And it was a lot of fun to have those intelligent discussions and arguments once again. So how can we keep that going? I think we need a daily spot to go for daily Eagles conversation. And we can’t necessarily find that after one of the more detailed stats or opinion posts that I cross post here and at NBC Philadelphia, especially when I can get them out only two or three times a week.

Thus, in order to encourage more conversation, I’m going to try out some quicker posts with links, notes, comment round-ups, and smaller bites of Eagles thoughts. Rather than full-fledged analysis, these are meant to be conversation starters, since that’s what we seem to be really missing. I’ll take my cue from all you folks. If they work, we’ll keep them going indefinitely.

Also, for the creative types out there, the new type of posts need a name/tag. I have one or two ideas, but in the spirit of re-starting conversation: do you have suggestions?