Is The New Eagles QB Actually Paul Bunyan?

Kevin Kolb Outdoorsman Hog Hunting

We now have our first backwoods Eagles Quarterback, complete with too-tall tales.

First and most absurdly, Kevin hunts wild hogs — not with a gun, but with his hands, a few dogs, and a 12-inch bowie knife:

“It’s not just [about] killing an animal,” says Kolb… He didn’t want to come off like some bloodthirsty savage to the non-hog-hunting fans of his new team, the Eagles, who shocked everyone from Allentown to Atco by taking Kolb with their first selection in the 2007 NFL draft, 36th overall. “A lot of times you’ve got to work before you reap your reward. Our dogs go and find ‘em first, and then we stab the pigs. It’s a little bit dangerous, but as long as you know what you’re doing, you’ll be all right.

Jesus. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a wild hog coming after you and trying to gut it. Of course, this could set up the greatest of all injury reports down the road…

Kolb also perpetuates his own bass fishing myths:

Placed seventh, along with friend Jeff Gilbert, at a Texas big bass fishing tournament in February. Kolb once caught - or so he claims (wink) - a 250-pound marlin.

And finally, his barn-stormin’ explanation of what it was like growing up in the country:

“When you’re out in the woods and you get beat up, your mom’s not there to pick you up. I’d flip my four-wheeler or something, want to lay down there and be hurt. There’s nobody there to cry for you. You got to jump up and keep going.

What a beast. Somehow I don’t think a few wide-bodied defensive tackles are going to rattle Mr. Bunyan much.