McNabb Trade Rumors Swirl: Updated Thread

Donovan McNabb Andy Reid Philadelphia Eagles Trade Rumors Open Thread

Regardless of the intentions of Andy Reid finally opening up on the possibility of McNabb being traded, it certainly has set the NFL media world on fire. Check here for the latest rumors as we hear them.

7:21 pm — Jay Glazer gets off a plane and chimes in. Affirms that there is no Rams deal, but that Buffalo, Oakland, and two other teams have “shown interest.” Apparently the Eagles rebuffed offers for Kolb but were open on McNabb.

6:47 pm — Might be time to call it. To the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rams general manager Billy Devaney shot down the persistent McNabb rumors, calling them “absolutely false.” He added:

“It’s utterly ridiculous. I haven’t talked to Philadelphia about any of their players.”

That sounds about as definitive as it gets. Maybe this blog will last untill tomorrow after all.

6:29 pm — Yahoo Sports, the third outlet to do so, reports on Twitter that a “dependable Rams source” says St. Louis has NOT offered its second round pick for McNabb. Might all of this talk have been based on false information?

6:18 pm — Mike Holmgren weighs in on the McNabb rumors. The Cleveland Browns president told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that his team is not pursuing Donovan (anymore?):

“The ship has sailed.”

6:11 pmNFL FanHouse gets in on the debunking. Sources say Rams trade “pure speculation right now.”

6:05 pmTommy Lawlor’s got a “new source” that indicates “something could be going down with the Bills.” He also talks about the potential Rams deal.

5:30 pm — Anybody else notice this from Andy Reid’s talk earlier, when asked what he thought of the new draft format:

I’d love to have that first pick of the second day. Where you can sleep on it, regather your thoughts, which you normally don’t get to do.

That sly bastard.

5:20 pmPFT cites a Rams source that there is “zero truth” to the McNabb to St. Louis rumors, that “all focus” is on draft options at that position. Could just be posturing in negotiations with Eagles.

5:00 pm — Jeff McLane (who certainly has come a long way in a hurry from Happy Valley) reports that there’s already “an offer on the table” for “St. Louis’ second-round draft pick (33rd overall) and free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe in exchange for McNabb.

While “not yet completed,” this seems like the best offer we’ve seen for McNabb so far. And apparently McNabb would be willing to sing a long-term deal with the Rams.

3:00 pmYahoo Sports reports “the Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders have inquired about the quarterback’s availability.” However, as we anticipated, “McNabb likely wouldn’t sign a long-term deal in either Buffalo or Oakland.”