Report: Eagles Front Office Divided on McNabb

Joe Banner Eagles Front Office Disagreement McNabb

Very interesting report as free agency breaks. Sources tell Fox 29 that:

Trading McNabb is not going to be easy because internally the Eagles’ brass wants to move him but Andy Reid does not.

If true, this would be an astounding development. We haven’t heard much about dissension within the Eagles front office since Andy consolidated power a few years back. But certainly Reid and Joe Banner (since those are pretty much the only two personalities we’re talking about here — with new GM Howie Roseman likely just a pawn on one side or the other) have slightly different outlooks and motivations. Andy may feel more connected to Donovan and want him to stay, while Banner and others see current public opinion as an opportunity to turn the page.

On the other hand, of course, this report plays far too easily into the stereotypes we already have for Banner & Co. as the evil money-hoarders. Reid appears to have pretty much total control over all football decisions these days, and his new contract proves  that’s with Banner’s approval. Therefore, it would shock me if there really was such a huge gap between Reid and the so-called “Eagles Brass” over this.

Another interesting thing to think about: if Banner is the “fall guy” (not that he’s going anywhere) for a McNabb trade decision, will the Philly fans be happy McNabb is finally gone or be mad at Banner? Sounds like this could give them the opportunity to be both if they want — a win-win for the mindless trolls!