No Excuses

I meant to write about this a couple weeks ago, but it got lost in the shuffle of next week’s big news (teaser). From Dave Spadaro:

“There should be no excuses at all,” said Jenkins… “With as many veterans as we have on this team, if there any grey areas, they have to be resolved. It can’t be something that carries over into the season. We have the pieces here.

“It was good to get back out here with the team. It’s good energy out there coming off the season last year. There’s a lot of determination this year. You can just see it in everybody, where it’s a different feel from last year. We weren’t out here this year because of the lockout, but you can just see the difference in everybody.

“I know the second I got here and I heard the phrase ‘Dream Team’ going around, that was just something like, ‘No, no, no.’ Hopefully, we don’t have anything like going around this year,” said Jenkins. “We can just work for it and know we have to work for it.”

I think last year’s team came into the season with the expectation that they were going to be good. Based on comments by Cullen Jenkins and others, this year’s team seems to know that they better be good, or else. That should be positive.

Furthermore, a veteran like Jenkins really couldn’t have a significant impact, leadership-wise, last season — both because of the lockout and the simple fact that he was new to the locker room. I expect that to change this year.