Highlights From a Chat with 'Coach Reid'

Jeff McLane moderated an online fan chat with Andy Reid on Philly.com, which is a cool idea, although I’m not sure why he felt the need to call him “Coach Reid” all the time. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s not like Reid is McLane’s coach.

Some choice highlights:

Comment From Philly In DC: Coach, you look great with the loss of weight. Did you have a specific goal or heath objective in mind coming into the season?

Andy Reid: Where I sat at the end of the season, my goal would be equivalent to winning five Super Bowls in one season. There was a big challenge and it will continue to be a challenge.

Comment From Matt: Are we going to see more of McCoy in the slot this year like Westbrook used to do so well?

Andy Reid: We started easing there in certain situations and even starting lining him outside away from a three-man look. So, yeah.

Comment From Guest: Andy, what is your favorite meal ?

Andy Reid: Right now, today: cottage cheese. pre-diet: great cheesesteaks of Philly.

Comment From Guest: would you ever consider allowing the behind the scenes show Hardknocks to film the Eagles? Would be awesome as a fan to see how the team operates behind the scenes and get a sense of player/coaches personalities. Or do you feel its too much of a distraction?

Andy Reid: I understand the part about it being great for TV and it’s a tribute to HBO for doing it. From an organizational standpoint it ends up being a distraction.

Comment From TRO: What is your favorite meal your wife cooks you for dinner?

Andy Reid: Does a great fried pork chops, mash potatoes and corn, chased with Mississippi Mud for dessert.

Comment From Guest: Andy, what is your bedtime?

Andy Reid: In-season, extremely late. Out of season, I’m in bed by midnight because nothing good happens after midnight, as I tell my players.

Epic non-answers:
* On what steps he took to improve game management last year.
* On whether Dion Lewis would win the back up RB job.
* On Romney or Obama (as if that’s a choice for him).
* On Eskin or Bowen (ditto).