No Injuries Excuse for the 2011 Eagles

Danny Tuccitto for Football Outsiders:

Despite having 48.2 fewer AGL than they did in 2010, ranking 25 spots higher in team health, the Eagles lost two more games, and missed the playoffs. It’s true that Michael Vick had an assortment of injuries in 2011, but it turned out that he only contributed 0.2 AGL more last season than he did in 2010 (mostly because of differences in game status). Elsewhere, Philadelphia’s offensive line AGL dropped by a full season’s worth of games in 2011, as did their total AGL on defense. Taking their lack of injuries into account, calling the Eagles a disappointment last season might be understating it.

Yuck. The Eagles relatively healthy season in 2011 makes the final result even worse. Still, Jason Brewer makes a great point about the weighting of players in FO’s adjusted games lost metric. The Eagles didn’t have many injuries, but the ones to Michael Vick probably should count double, at least. On the other hand, the Eagles other most important players (McCoy, Peters, Herremans, Cole, Babin, etc.) didn’t miss many games, and Vick himself still suited up for 13 of 16 — about average in today’s NFL.