What the Eagles Should Not Do in the First Round

Ryan Tannehill

There’s something odd about the run-up to the NFL draft that causes everyone to start shouting out possible players the Eagles could choose in the the first (and every) round. It makes for fun speculation, but ultimately each prediction is little more than a guess.

Perhaps a more fruitful topic for discussion isn’t trying to decide what the Eagles will do or who they should pick — but rather who they shouldn’t. Honestly, while I’m learning more every day about the various options at defensive line and elsewhere, even the early prospects are still mostly a mystery to me. But I have strong opinions on what the Eagles should not do in the first round.

Don’t Draft a Quarterback. I already talked about why the Eagles weren’t a good fit for Robert Griffin III, but now Ryan Tannehill’s name keeps popping up for a first round option. The same argument applies, but especially for a guy who isn’t of RG3’s caliber. Quarterbacks like Tannehill have shot up draft boards in recent years because of the importance of the position and scarcity of franchise players, which makes such a selection in the first round a huge reach.

Don’t Draft a Running Back. I like Trent Richardson as much as the next guy, but even if he fell to a place where the Eagles could grab him, I still wouldn’t be happy. The team already has an elite running back in a league that values them less with every passing day.

Don’t Draft a Wide Receiver. Third or fourth round, sure. I’d like some depth and competition, but they have their starters locked up through the next two seasons at least. Leave it alone.

Don’t Draft a Tight End. There is no clear-cut first round caliber guy here. Case closed.

Don’t Draft an Offensive Lineman. I’m not taking anything for granted at tackle, where Jason Peters will be out for the year, but Demetress Bell and King Dunlap will almost certainly be better in 2012 than what you could find at number 15 overall in this weak class. Unless you worry about Peters’ recovery beyond that, this isn’t a position of need. And please, nothing could be worse than drafting another first round guard.

Hey, look… there seems to be a general trend here.

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