The Absentee Blogger

I've gotten a few notes asking why there hasn't been new content up here. I apologize, but recently I've barely had enough time to keep up with day-to-day Eagles news, let alone comment on it. My day job has been busy and what free time I do have is going into the Eagles Almanac that many of you lovely readers pre-ordered.

(By the way, if you missed the Kickstarter, throw us your name and email here and we'll let you know when the book is available for regular purchase.

While there's not much real news to speak of right now (fake controversies aside), you can still get your summer fix plenty of other places in the blogosphere. I don't need to tell you about the work Tommy does day in and out. BGN covers everything and Brent can feed your number-crunching fix. Meanwhile, Sheil and Tim are tag-teaming my personal favorite one-stop-shopping over at Birds 24/7.

See you soon.