Set Your Expectations Accordingly

Jason Brewer on new Eagles safety Kenny Philips' contract:

Phillips' contract has no signing bonus or guaranteed money. He has a $1 million roster bonus that he'll get if he makes the team and $850k base salary. Adam Caplan reports that he could earn another million if he reaches certain incentives.

According to reports, the Giants did make Phillips an offer in an attempt to keep him from hitting the free agent market. But when you look at how little he signed for, you have to wonder whether the Giants offered even less or whether it was some sort of "take it or leave" deal that he left.

Only about $100,000 more than the veteran's miminum salary and a roster bonus that doesn't kick in unless he makes the team. That's not so much "team-friendly" as it is "this guy has nothing left." It would be tough for the Giants to sneak under that low bar. They clearly didn't want him or his knee issues. At this point, I expect absolutely nothing from Philips.