Chip Stew: The Future of the NFL is More Up-Tempo No-huddle

There are plenty of questions about which pieces of Chip Kelly's offense can be imported from the college game to the NFL. But one thing everyone seems to agree on is that the no-huddle offense is here to stay, and that has been a major part of Kelly's success at Oregon. Here's Chris Brown at Smart Football:

It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that huddling is an archaism destined for the dustbin. I say it’s a slight exaggeration because there is a value to huddling, primarily when you have a great leader at quarterback as a huddle is an opportunity for him to show his leadership skills. But otherwise, it’s inherently inferior to going no-huddle. It’s slower, which is a problem both in games but also in practice where your offense gets fewer reps, and, maybe most importantly, the safety net of a huddle leads coaches to transform plays that can be communicated in just one or two words into multi-syllabic monstrosities. That’s the sad secret of those long NFL playcalls: They convey no more information than can be conveyed with one or two words or with a combination of hand-signals.