Chip Stew: Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

One of the nice things about the coaching change is to see a different personality lead the team. While we're largely interested in the play on the field, we also form opinions about the coach based on his interactions with the public and the media. After 14 years, everyone in Philly could quote Andy Reid's favorite press conference lines. Chip Kelly's sarcasm and deadpan humor is a great change. Others, like Marcus Hayes, already take offense to Kelly's obfuscation. All I have to say to that is get used to it. In a long article from December, John Locanthi recounted Kelly's refusal to cater to the outside interests of boosters or journalists:

And the media? Kelly treats the press like a malignant tumor. He is only available for interviews after practice and after games. He is available to the media whenever he is contractually obligated. But his appearances in these situations are often curt, crisp and threaded with the irritation of a man who views this part of the job as utterly trifling.

“If you approached Bellotti with a frivolous question, he would still go out of his way to try to give you something to work with,” says Rob Moseley, who covers Oregon football for The Register-Guard of Eugene. “Chip will not.”

As a member of the media, I suppose I should care about this, but I don't. Bill Belichick often lies about injuries and refuses to say anything useful to the press, but who cares? All that matters is the win-loss record. Sorry, beat guys.