Vick Re-Works Deal to Compete for Starting Job

The Eagles announced Monday that they've re-signed Michael Vick to what amounts to a one-year deal. Reports suggest he can make up to $10 million, although that likely includes some questionable performance bonuses. Quick thoughts on the news:

  • Even the Eagles' website says Vick is only going to "compete" for the job. This is not any indication that he will be starting week one.
  • That said, I don't think Chip Kelly bothers keeping Vick unless he is seriously considering him as a bridge candidate to get the Eagles to their QBOTF. Moreover, it indicates that -- despite Kelly's pleading to the contrary -- he does want a mobile quarterback running his offense, even if that player is 33 years old.
  • Nick Foles is on the trading block. If Kelly thought the immobile Foles was a great candidate for the job, he wouldn't have re-signed Vick. And if Foles isn't in the long or short term plans, it's time to see what you can get for him on the open market. The Andy Reid era taught us that it's profitable to sell high on quarterbacks. With a weak draft class this year, maybe Foles pulls you a late second or early third round pick.
  • Nothing about this move should make anyone mad. If Vick is less expensive, it's much easier to keep him around. That said, there's greater downside with Vick than other candidates. At best he plays well, stealing time from your draft pick and winning games that don't mean anything. And if he doesn't play well or gets benched for a younger guy? Vick has never been happy as a backup.
  • There must not have been much interest for Vick in the rest of the NFL, or his agent never would have let him take a pay cut.