Chip Stew: Efficient Use of Practice Time

As a fan base,  we have about seven months until Chip Kelly kicks off the new era of Eagles football. That's not a lot of time to absorb the mountain of knowledge out there about Kelly, his offensive schemes, coaching style, practices, and everything else that we might want to know before Week One rolls around. To help us on this journey, I'm starting a new running feature to highlight articles that we can add to our pool of background information: the Chip Kelly Read of the Day, code name Chip Stew.

Our first entry is a classic. The PDF "Efficient Use of Practice Time" comes straight from Kelly's mouth. It's the coach talking about his philosophy regarding practices, coaching technique, quarterback play, and more:

Statistically, 33 percent of the assistant coaches become head coaches during their career. When I took over at the University of Oregon, the first thing we had to find out was "What do we stand for?" You have to answer that in your offensive, defensive, and special team philosophies. lf you are going to stand for something, it is not what you say it is. lt is what people see in your actions. People should be able to come, observe you, and in five minutes know what you stand for.