What if Michael Vick were Tiger Woods?

I feel like we should root for frustrating/maddening results from the Eagles, because it's the only thing that drags Derek Sarley out of his self-imposed blogging exile. Obviously, it's a thought-provoking read:

Vick has said before that he wishes Andy Reid had gotten to him sooner. Everyone does. When Vick was at his best in 2010, he ran the Reid offense -- for a short period of time -- better than anyone we've ever seen.

But you can't change history. Right now, we have Vick the 32-year-old, not Vick the 23-year-old. He's never going to play the game the way Peyton Manning plays it and -- here's the kicker -- the more they try to push him in that direction the more it seems to screw him up. It turns out, you don't get all the good stuff Vick gives you plus 30 percent or 50 percent of Peyton. You get a discombobulated mess that leaves otherwise sane individuals asking if, you know, maybe it's time to give Nick Foles a shot.