Danny Watkins Would Lose At Limbo

Tommy Lawlor, in his official Detailed Game Review (emphasis mine):

WATKINS - The gameplan called for King Dunlap to block to his inside a few times on pass plays. Danny would then do a short pull and take on the edge rusher. I’m not a huge fan of this tactic. Very mixed results. Danny had a couple of good blocks. Jake Bequette gave him fits on a couple. Up and down beyond that. There are times when he anchors and does a really good job. There are other plays where athletic moves get the best of him and he’s then holding on for dear life. I do like the fact that he won’t give up when beaten. Smart. Do what you can to protect the QB/RB.

Not to pick on Tommy, who covers both the good and the bad here, but at some point you've lowered the bar too much.