Won't You Ever Shut Up?

Jeff McLane, courtesy of the man in Cleveland:

Roseman had admired Washburn's success with the Titans and was initially sold on the idea by Washburn's agent, Tony Agnone, who had a strong working relationship with the GM, according to one source.
The proposal was initially met with skepticism. Reid, though, became convinced. The Eagles coach had become less familiar with assistants around the league and which ones were available and had come to rely on others for suggestions, one source said.
Reid, as he would with any decision after he consulted those around him, could either reject Roseman's proposal or adopt it. He chose the latter - an indication of how much Roseman's influence within the organization had grown after just one year as GM.

Hey, Joe Banner. Go away. I like inside information even more than the next guy, but why are you coming out of the woodwork to attack your former protege with something as weak as "Howie suggested that Jim Washburn might be a credible coaching hire"? As to McLane, why don't you go report something instead of serving as Banner's mouthpiece?

These guys are worse than the product on the field.