Moving in the Right Direction

Paul Domowitch:

Then he accepted the Detroit Lions’ invitation to become their general manager in 2001 and spent the next 8 years proving that just because you were good at knocking the snot out of ballcarriers didn’t mean you had any clue how to build a football team. The Lions never won more than eight games under Millen, who had a miserable 31-97 record when he finally was shown the door.

Which brings us back to Roseman.

No, it doesn’t. For a piece titled, “Young GM Roseman leading Eagles in positive direction,” Domo spends far too much time trying to prove that Roseman’s lack of playing experience isn’t a big deal. Which is odd, because I don’t think anyone that matters actually believes that to be a factor at all. What matters is the results, and despite Domo’s protestations, “three starters” from the last draft is hardly a positive indicator.

“At some point, you get entrenched into what your team needs,” he said. “And because we’re so determined to win a championship as quickly as possible, we wanted to address those [needs] as quickly as possible.

“When you look back at the moves, particularly in the draft, that we’ve made successfully, it was situations where we took the best players [rather than the best player at the position of greatest need]. It’s something I believe in.”

Now, if Domo’s main point amounted to “Young GM Roseman admits early mistakes,” we would be getting somewhere.