No Top Linebacker for the Eagles

Jeff McLane:

In other words, there hasn’t been a rush as the price tag for linebackers steadily drops. But it probably won’t dip low enough for the Eagles to be interested in either Lofton or Tulloch, according to NFL sources.

This is, frankly, stunning to me. I assumed the Eagles were simply waiting for the price to drop, a strategy that seemed to be working. But McLane’s connection to Howie Roseman has been solid, so it’s hard to take this as anything but an advance warning for Eagles fans.

Supposedly the team was interested in bringing back Joe Mays. The second tier of LBs also includes 90-year-old London Fletcher and Jameel McLain of the Ravens. A cheap purchase like that would either confirm the Eagles’ long term disinterest in the position, or suggest that Luke Kuechly’s arrival is imminent.