Ray Diddy, Master Internet Troll

Ray Didinger:

If Jeff Lurie really is the risk-taking, outside-the-box owner that he professes to be, he should sit down with his cabinet today and say, “Let’s talk about this.” You don’t get the chance to bid on an all-time great quarterback very often and when you haven’t won a championship in more than half a century – and your team has made a habit of coming up just short year after year – then you have to seriously discuss this.

Peyton Manning would take ownership of this offense in a way no quarterback in the Andy Reid era could. That could very well make it better in the critical fourth quarter, clock-ticking-down moments when the Eagles so often break down. All those wasted timeouts, all those valuable seconds lost with the quarterback waiting for the play to come in from the sideline, it all would be a thing of the past with Manning running the show.

It solves everything!