Where We Stop, Nobody Knows

Jeff McLane:

Adam Schefter’s report from last week that DeSean Jackson was available for trade did not come from the Eagles, I was recently told. The ESPN NFL reporter essentially said as much when he was asked about it on the radio. It makes little sense for the Eagles to float a trade rumor when they’re trying to negotiate an extension with a player they still hold rights to. More than likely an agent with a name that rhymes with “Brew Brosenhouse” tossed a monkey wrench into talks when the Eagles failed to match his estimation of Jackson’s worth.

I said the same thing about the Schefter report earlier in the week. But if I read this correctly, McLane suggests that the Eagles are still trying to negotiate a new contract with Jackson — unless Howie Roseman’s playing the same game with him that Rosenhaus is with Schefter. Round and round we go…