Inquirer and Daily News Set to Merge Coverage

Mike Armstrong, for the Inquirer:

Under the plan, some elements of sports coverage, arts and other features stories, city and suburban reporting, and various editing functions would be coordinated and shared, Wischnowski said.

The same story might appear in both newspapers.

For example, the papers’ sports departments intend to have one editor in charge of reporters from both staffs covering the Philadelphia Phillies, another for those covering the Philadelphia Eagles, and so on. Two reporters may still cover a Phillies game. However, one may be “digitally focused,” Wischnowski said, posting news and video interviews to the Web, while the other may concentrate on a story for print.

Make no mistake, this is going to be a sad offseason for journalism, and especially sports journalism, in Philadelphia. With four beat reporters, a bunch of columnists, and the mavens covering the Eagles right now, “redundancy” is a scary word.

Update: A source tells The 700 Level that “there is only going to be one ‘beat writer’ per team going forward and that existing beats will either be reassigned or eliminated.”