Against the Grain

Tommy Lawlor:

Should Andy Reid embrace Super Bowl talk? I don’t mean go all Rex Ryan and start talking about how we’re the best and definitely will win the SB. I’m talking more about openly using the phrase “Super Bowl” when discussing the season and goals…

Normally I don’t think this would be smart, but since Reid is going to be under big pressure this year…could this actually be smart? Rather than ignore the obvious, embrace it. Reid isn’t on a Super Bowl or bust mandate, but he’s not far off from that if you read between the lines of Jeff Lurie’s PC.

Counter-intuitive, but I like it. Perhaps a slightly better way would be to have Michael Vick and other team leaders spread the “Win one for the Gipper” message, instead of having it come from the top down. The players really seem to genuinely like and respect Reid, so a fiery campaign to prove he’s worth keeping could motivate everyone.

That said, if he pushes win-now mode hard and still finds himself with a losing record down the stretch, Reid could be out before Christmas.