Senior Bowl Nuggets

If I’m going to bash him for his poor articles, the least I can do is commend Jeff McLane for giving us fun anecdotes from the Senior Bowl:

A few funny/odd moments from the Senior Bowl today. When @LesBowen and I were going to have our q&a with Howie, Drew Rosenhaus spotted us and said to Howie, “Don’t let them double team ya, Howie.” Um, OK. So, Drew, will DeSean be OK with the franchise tag? “Uh, no comment.”

The other came when we were talking to Washburn and Les teased him about the report that he kept Spags from coming to the #Eagles, and as Les went to pat him on the shoulder, Wash gave him a swim move & swatted his hand away. “Good Times with Wash” should be a reality show.

For actual, consequential notes, I suggest you visit Jimmy and Tommy, since they are killing it from Mobile.