Trot & T.O.

Les Bowen at his best:

Trot was a leader in the locker room, and the unquestioned leader of the forces trying to get Owens restored to the active roster. He didn’t defend the things T.O. had done, but he seemed to think McNabb ought to just ignore the persistent undermining of his authority and leadership, because, hey, T.O. was a dominant player — probably THE most dominant player physically I’ve ever covered, in any sport — and the Eagles needed him to get back to the Super Bowl.

Football is a team game, though, the Daily News has learned, and you really don’t win the Super Bowl with a superstar wideout trying to tear down your quarterback. Reid later told me one of his biggest regrets was that he let that situation fester too long, tolerated too much. I eventually concluded McNabb was never viewed quite the same way again by his teammates.

Today, I think maybe Trot finally understands what the big deal was, why you don’t clasp a viper to your bosom, or whatever that passage in the bible says.

The whole post is definitely worth reading.