This Indecision's Bugging Me has the results up from their annual “Stay or Go” online voting feature, and there are some interesting findings. The highlights:

  • DeSean Jackson lost a lot of support since last year’s version, but not nearly as much as fellow starter Asante Samuel. Jackson dropped from 90 to 73 percent approval, while Samuel tanked from 87 to only 39 percent. Asante was the only year-over-year starter to go from positive to negative fan support.

  • Other major losers included Jamaal Jackson, Brandon Graham, Juqua Parker, Trevor Laws, Moise Fokou, and Nate Allen.

  • Meanwhile, Joselio Hanson, Jason Peters, Clay Harbor, and Mike Patterson all jumped at least 20 percent.

  • Howie Roseman, once synonymous with Joe Banner, is officially the most hated man in the NovaCare offices. Just under 20 percent of responders want him to stay in Philly.