A Smart-Aleck's Take

Les Bowen, for the Daily News:

I understood what Lurie meant, without buying it completely. Somehow, in 10 seasons covering the Eagles, I have become a frequent Andy foil at his news conferences, a guy especially likely to get a nonresponsive or smart-alecky answer. (In a related development, I also am a guy especially likely to ask a smart-alecky question.) On TV or on a webcam, or whatever, this looks a little different from how it usually feels. I was really surprised, several years back, when people started approaching me on the street, congratulating me for “sticking it to” Reid or just being willing to take on the coach. I don’t really see myself that way. I try to ask the questions I think most need answering. If somebody else asks those questions, I am comfortable just sitting there and tweeting. Some reporters hunger to be seen as the guy asking the tough question. I really don’t.

More to the point, Reid and I have a cordial relationship away from the podium. Over the years, I have dealt with coaches who openly despised me way more than this guy. Our interactions just weren’t televised as much. Yes, it frustrates me that Reid has no interest in helping me or you understand what is going on, telling us why something worked or didn’t work. Lots of times, though, I think what Lurie said is right - it isn’t often arrogance. Lack of deftness, sometimes. Paranoia, sometimes, about giving information the next week’s opponent might find useful. Protectiveness of his players is in there. And stubbornness, big-time.