The Infallible Reid Fallacy

Tim McManus, for Philly Sports Daily:

Is there any way a man so meticulous would be blind to the fact that Castillo, who hadn’t coached defense since the 1980’s (at the high school level, no less) might fail early and often during the transition from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator? If I can project struggle, and you can project struggle, are we really buying that the Head Coach and Vice President of Football Operations for the Philadelphia Eagles couldn’t project struggle?

Did I fall asleep and wake up in a land where we all think Andy Reid is incapable of making the wrong decision?

If we are to dismiss the notion that he acted out of arrogance, the only logical conclusion to come to is that Reid was operating under a two-year plan.

Or that he was just wrong. What post hoc nonsense.

Perhaps even more bizarre is that McManus wrote less than a week ago how the Eagles had begun “to spin to stay the course.” Looks like someone bought it hook, line, and sinker.